• Golf Holiday

    Golf Destinations in the UK

    There are many great places that you can stay in the UK, but if you enjoy playing golf, then you may lie to stay at one of the golfing destinations available. Many people might actually think of Scotland when they consider where to go for a golfing destination and although there are some great places there, there are actually many different options that you can choose from all across the UK.

    In Scotland you will firstly think of St Andrews, which is a destination that all golfers would probably dream of playing at. However, you could also consider visiting Troon, Muirfield and Turnberry which also all have great facilities.

  • Golf Tips

    3 Steps to Preparing up your Putt

    Some say that they find putting the most boring part of their game and would rather concentrate on their long game. Those people are usually finding their putting hard and will generally struggle when it comes to mastering the greens. If you wish to complete your overall game then you need to spend hours and hours on the putting greens mastering how to control your putting. Here’s a three step routine to making sure you get the most of your putts and do not rush.

    Leave your putter, walk around

    You are not rushed into putting a golf ball so immediately when you reach the green, start to walk around the green and look at the areas that will be affecting your putt. Look at the grass length, the angles of the green and also other factors like where the slower areas of the green might be (due to water). Then you can look at getting the putter out of the bag.

  • Golf Tips

    3 tips for managing your golf in the rain

    It rains, that’s life. You have to play golf in the rain (unless you are constantly in the sun), although you may not like it. If you are a serious golfer you will know that to improve your golf and survive in bad weather conditions, you need to experience what it will be like to play in the extremes of temperatures and also rain. You may opt not to start your round in the rain but you will almost certainly come across a time when you will need to be prepared. This is what my 3 tips are to managing bad weather.

    Extra golf glove

    Unless you’re a magician, you can guarantee that your golf grips and golf glove with get wet. A step to do is keep 3 golf gloves in protective sleeves within your golf bag. If you loose grip with a golf club during your round due to rain, it can cost you shots. As if it is not hard enough to play in the rain already, you will just add to your worries.

  • Golf Accessories

    5 Essential Accessories that should be in your Golf Bag

    Ball alignment device and pen

    To often in golf do I come across playing partners that are not able to identify their ball because they have not marked it. Did you know that you will incur a penalty if you can’t successfully identify your ball? It’s common courtesy to show your ball to playing partners and alert them to what ball you are playing. Ball alignment devices are essential with your pen to mark a line on your ball. Putting becomes a whole lot easier if there is a line on your ball.

    Towel and also another towel

    At times, golf can become a very messy game. During the heights of summer, a towel is one of the most important components of a golf bag. Hot weather or rain will ruin your game so having a towel to wipe yourself, your clubs and your ball is essential to making sure you are able to hold on to your driver when you swing it, being able to see your golf ball and also wiping the sweat from your forehead.