Golf Tips

3 Steps to Preparing up your Putt

Some say that they find putting the most boring part of their game and would rather concentrate on their long game. Those people are usually finding their putting hard and will generally struggle when it comes to mastering the greens. If you wish to complete your overall game then you need to spend hours and hours on the putting greens mastering how to control your putting. Here’s a three step routine to making sure you get the most of your putts and do not rush.

Leave your putter, walk around

You are not rushed into putting a golf ball so immediately when you reach the green, start to walk around the green and look at the areas that will be affecting your putt. Look at the grass length, the angles of the green and also other factors like where the slower areas of the green might be (due to water). Then you can look at getting the putter out of the bag.

Ball alignment and positioning

This is the most crucial step to your putt because it’s where you will be committing yourself to a direction that you will hopefully hit your ball. You need to mark the ball or take a line on the ball that you can use to line up with the target. Wherever you believe is the best place to aim the ball is the after analysing the factors is the direction that you will align your ball. Make sure you stand directly behind your ball, kneel down and spend as much time as you can looking at your desired target and committing yourself.

Final choice and sticking with it

It’s time to make the final choice and stick with it. Too many times have I changed my putter angle and missed the putt because I was not confident in hitting it in a certain direction. I have learned that you should always follow your original decision and you will start to hole more putts. Before you take your putt, take a few glances at the hole and stroke the putter with a great tempo.