Golf Tips

3 tips for managing your golf in the rain

It rains, that’s life. You have to play golf in the rain (unless you are constantly in the sun), although you may not like it. If you are a serious golfer you will know that to improve your golf and survive in bad weather conditions, you need to experience what it will be like to play in the extremes of temperatures and also rain. You may opt not to start your round in the rain but you will almost certainly come across a time when you will need to be prepared. This is what my 3 tips are to managing bad weather.

Extra golf glove

Unless you’re a magician, you can guarantee that your golf grips and golf glove with get wet. A step to do is keep 3 golf gloves in protective sleeves within your golf bag. If you loose grip with a golf club during your round due to rain, it can cost you shots. As if it is not hard enough to play in the rain already, you will just add to your worries.

All waterproof setup available and ready

You like your nice pressed golf shirt and trousers but if it starts raining, they will get ruined and more importantly, you could be at risk of catching a cold and becoming cold. This will severely disrupt your game so it’s paramount that you protect yourself with quick slip on golf waterproofs that will bounce the rain away. An umbrella and golf bag cover are great for extra protection to your clubs and yourself.

Learn golf when it’s raining

Golf becomes a completely different ball game when you are factoring in rain and other issues. The rain usually brings some wind, the water will cause your water to drop shorter and the rain will also make putting trickier, especially as you have been used to the greens when they were at their normal speed. This is one of the biggest concerns to golfers as they loose confidence in the rain and this leads to higher scores. You need to be well prepared, experienced and ready for the rain.