Golf Accessories

5 Essential Accessories that should be in your Golf Bag

Ball alignment device and pen

To often in golf do I come across playing partners that are not able to identify their ball because they have not marked it. Did you know that you will incur a penalty if you can’t successfully identify your ball? It’s common courtesy to show your ball to playing partners and alert them to what ball you are playing. Ball alignment devices are essential with your pen to mark a line on your ball. Putting becomes a whole lot easier if there is a line on your ball.

Towel and also another towel

At times, golf can become a very messy game. During the heights of summer, a towel is one of the most important components of a golf bag. Hot weather or rain will ruin your game so having a towel to wipe yourself, your clubs and your ball is essential to making sure you are able to hold on to your driver when you swing it, being able to see your golf ball and also wiping the sweat from your forehead.

Umbrella and bag cover

I know this seems like common sense but many players do not have an adequate umbrella to cover their equipment and themselves and many players do not cover their bag with an appropriate cover. Golf umbrellas come in very large sizes these days and most bought bags have covers in so make sure you keep yourself dry or shaded and stop the rain going to the bottom of your golf bag.

A pen, extra scorecards and a notepad

Have you ever walked out of a clubhouse, gone to the first tee and thought? Oh no! I’ve forgotten a scorecard or a pen to write on the scorecard with. There’s also a reason to have the notepad. Make sure you stock a small stationary cupboard in your bag because you will one day forget the key items to a round of golf and you will be able to provide your playing partners or yourself with the equipment. A notepad is also neccessary for corrections to your golf game. Write down your mistakes when you have a small break and it will be something to work on later.


Essential to all man kind, it will be the power that lifts your round up from the ground.

Always prepare yourself before a round, don’t leave it to the last minute because you need to make sure you have everything you need.