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    PGA’s Highest Earning Athletes

    Golf has always been synonymous with big tournament earnings as some of the prize pools are incredibly enticing, and with quite a long competitive calendar during the year there are also plenty of opportunities to win, particularly if you’re one of the top players attending the majors. From those who haven’t won a single major to those winning multiple, career earnings have always been interesting for golfing fans – and might help you out the next time you’re consider wagering on golf events as you can find some betting sites accepting odds on the latest tournaments throughout the year. But who are the biggest earners in the PGA?

    Jordan Spieth – With three major championships under his belt, Jordan Spieth was once a top-level contender and a favourite for many young golfers around the world – aside from a few scuffs here and there that have cost him the opportunity to take the crown home, this US player is probably most well known for his very lucrative deals with the Under Armour brand, and his own line of golfing shoes with them. Although in a list of the top 30 all time golfing earners, Spieth comes in at just number 26 with earnings of $44.7 million.

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    Dustin Johnson – Another player favourite with two majors under his belt with the latest coming at the 2020 Masters, having come back from a back injury that had put him out for a while particularly when he was looking to be in his best form. With a long-lasting relationship with Adidas, Johnson has a huge number of event wins under his belt racking up 34 total and coming in at number 9 in the top 30 of all PGA earners with earnings of $72.7 million.

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    This Year’s Biggest Golfing Events

    As with many of the other bigger sporting events in the world, last year was certainly a tough time for fans as the opportunity to attend events had become less possible and even impossible for many, and instead had a reliance on different viewing options and a huge uptick in betting options as a list here of the biggest online services continued to grow – the good news is that the spring has arrived once more, and for golfing fans that means the start of the calendar for the big tournaments. This past weekend saw the Masters at Augusta once more, and it came with quite the showing as Hideki Matsuyama not only put on an incredible performance to win, but also became the first Asian born winner to take the green jacket too. With other notable names like Spieth and Rahm putting up a strong performance too, the rest of the year is looking very exciting, but how are the other big events of the year shaping up?


    PGA Championship – Taking place between May 20th and 23rd, the PGA Championship is the next big event that follows the Masters with a prize pool over $11 million. The course rotates between the biggest  in the US too with this year’s event taking place at the Ocean Course in South Carolina and is certainly an important game in the calendar. It has already been announced that there will be limited in-person attendance, so for fans hoping to watch something live, they may have to wait a little longer.

    U.S Open – Following the PGA is the U.S Open, and much in the same way as the previous the course often rotates, and usually amongst the most difficult courses – this year the Open returns to the 2008 course at Torrey Pines with the more difficult of the two at the South Course. The difference here is that there currently is no information on whether or not there will be any limited attendance at the course, and whilst it is expected it’s the likely outcome given current events, with the Open not taking place until late June there’s certainly the possibility fans will be back once more.

    British Open – Another of the big classics this year at the Royal St. George’s Golf Course, and taking place toward the back end of July which could certainly be good news for fans – with the UK aiming to have completed its vaccination events by July or August, it could be a great opportunity for fans to get back out onto the courses with the pros. Whilst there are a few events to round out the year the British Open typically rounds out the biggest tournaments for the end of the year, and if it can close out the big tournaments with fans in attendance, that’s certainly much more exciting for 2021 golf.

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    3 Steps to Preparing up your Putt

    Some say that they find putting the most boring part of their game and would rather concentrate on their long game. Those people are usually finding their putting hard and will generally struggle when it comes to mastering the greens. If you wish to complete your overall game then you need to spend hours and hours on the putting greens mastering how to control your putting. Here’s a three step routine to making sure you get the most of your putts and do not rush.

    Leave your putter, walk around

    You are not rushed into putting a golf ball so immediately when you reach the green, start to walk around the green and look at the areas that will be affecting your putt. Look at the grass length, the angles of the green and also other factors like where the slower areas of the green might be (due to water). Then you can look at getting the putter out of the bag.

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    3 tips for managing your golf in the rain

    It rains, that’s life. You have to play golf in the rain (unless you are constantly in the sun), although you may not like it. If you are a serious golfer you will know that to improve your golf and survive in bad weather conditions, you need to experience what it will be like to play in the extremes of temperatures and also rain. You may opt not to start your round in the rain but you will almost certainly come across a time when you will need to be prepared. This is what my 3 tips are to managing bad weather.

    Extra golf glove

    Unless you’re a magician, you can guarantee that your golf grips and golf glove with get wet. A step to do is keep 3 golf gloves in protective sleeves within your golf bag. If you loose grip with a golf club during your round due to rain, it can cost you shots. As if it is not hard enough to play in the rain already, you will just add to your worries.